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About Us

We Connect. We Conceive. We Create.
We are glad you bumped into us. Here is a sneak peek on what we do.

Content is the bloodline that pumps the heart of marketing. A perfect mix of value, volume and variety directed to a target audience warrants a response, creates competitive positioning & helps build brands. At Content Penguin, we connect, conceive and create splendid copy to harvest such results. We write for fun. We write for sales. We write for traffic. We are freelance content writers and work for a variety of agencies and organizations as an extended arm to their current marketing teams. Our content writing services include, informative blog articles and concise infographic content which have been published by India’s top bank and Fintech hub. We have spawn compelling web content for start-ups in the domain of Finance, Subscription Commerce, Wellness, PR and Real-estate. A barrage of content engulfs us each day via media and social networks. Let your brand's message resonate loud and clear.

Why Us

Come Waddle along!

Content is the mortar of marketing strategies that build brands.

We believe ‘Content is that sweet fuel that drives the marketing engine’ and hence:

• We spawn relevant, compelling and delightful content that create lasting impressions
• We create informative and fresh content that engages audience and generates quality leads
• We know what google loves: good quality, relevant and informative content
• Our focus on premium content is a great way to build links organically
• Our creative ideas are formed at the intersection of your business goals and customer insight

At Content Penguin our focus is purely on content generation. It is best to leave content creation to the specialist.