5 Social Media Marketing Mistakes To Avoid!

Social media is one of the biggest assets we possess right now. Most businesses today are present on different social media platforms to market their brand. It is a powerful way for businesses of all sizes to reach prospects and customers.

Everyone makes mistakes and Social media marketing is no exception to that. Mistakes can bring a downfall not only in your number of followers but in your revenue systems.

Here’s a list of some common social media marketing mistakes one/businesses should avoid:


Define goals, Strategize and Perform.

A well-planned strategy is the foundation of your social media. Your goals in terms of your social media presence should be well defined. Is it creating brand awareness? Increasing followers? Or generating revenue through sales? If you don’t have a well-defined goal, how will you attain it?

Having predetermined strategies in places enables your social media handles to function smoothly.


Educate people about your brand, do not bother them.

Create brand awareness and make people aware of your offerings but do not annoy people by constantly posting promotional content. Continually broadcasting links to sales promotions and products will cost you a drastic loss of followers and probable buyers.


Handle negative comments and reviews proficiently.

Negative feedback is one of the greatest risks of social media marketing. Most brands make a blunder when negative feedback pops up on their page. Replying back with lame excuses and simply ignoring negative comments can ruin your brand’s reputation. Engage as quickly as possible. Apologize and assure customers that you will look into the matter and pledge to deliver better product experiences in future.

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Do not only update; Engage.

A lot of businesses regularly update their profiles and post content timely, but that’s not enough. Lack of participation from your end may make you look too robotic. A shortfall in engagement will decrease the value of your social presence. The word ‘social’ itself means conversation and engagement, so get active and participate in conversations.


Money can’t buy genuine audiences

Some brands buy followers just to make their online presence look better. A purchased follower means you don’t have authentic leads and probable customers. It results in a deficiency of support and weakens your social presence. Large numbers of followers mean nothing if they can’t be converted into sales, don’t add up to your revenue or even engage with your brand.

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It’s okay to make mistakes, it’s not okay to Not learn from them! Proactively enhancing and managing social media is something companies of all sizes need to work on in order to avoid social media disasters.


– By Rachael Pereira @ Content Penguin

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