7 Reasons Why You Should Update Your LinkedIn Profile

You have heard LinkedIn is important, you do have a profile but is it really doing what it’s supposed to? Maybe not. That is probably because it has gone stale and you have forgotten to keep it up-to-date.

Do you update your LinkedIn every time you change a job or unlock a new achievement?

Do you keep a track of all the wonderful jobs out there and wonder why is your dream job still a dream to you?

LinkedIn is the fastest growing network and that’s where all the recruiters are, perhaps looking for a skilled and qualified employee like you. And if you haven’t already, now is the time to update that stale profile to an ideal, optimized one.

Listed below are 7 reasons why should you update your LinkedIn Profile.

1.     Don’t go unseen.

There are recruiters who are unhappy with the pile of resume’s they receive every day and are looking for someone just like you. You possess the required skill set and qualifications and are definitely the top choice for that job.

But, how does the recruiter get to know about you? That’s when LinkedIn helps both you and the recruiter connect by acting as a mediator.

2.     You are a tap away from landing your dream job.

You have paid a lot of zeros for courses, participated in hectic conferences, published research papers, came out alive of that cut-throat internship and have undergone almost every unfulfilling job. It’s high time you score your dream job without further delay.

You can search about your dream job as and when you like by using keywords or location directly. See, it’s that simple!

3.     You have acquired a set of new skills.

You have been at work for quite sometime now and have learnt many skills and refurbished the already existing ones. How about you market those skills on a platform that open doors for you?

Ensure that you keep updating your skills in your profile. Don’t undervalue those skills you’ve mastered and don’t assume that the network knows of your newly acquired skills already.

4.     People are looking at you.

That’s when hours of thinking, adding, and editing your profile to finesse helps. LinkedIn is a simple way to emphasize on your presence, skill, strengths on a professional map for recruiters to find you.

5.     Build a strong network.

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We truly can’t tell you enough on what a strong LinkedIn network can do for you. From getting you jobs to endorsing you in the industrial stream, a good network is all you need. Also, an excellent way for introverts to maintain connections is to foster them virtually.

6.     Tap to know more about a Brand or a Company.

These days even Brands and Companies maintain a LinkedIn profile where you get insight about the employees, working system, events and news.

So, if you’re skeptical about a company just dive into their LinkedIn profiles and get to know them before you join them (or not, maybe?)

6.     Lose a contact no more.

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You met a really nice person at the last conference you attended who wanted to freelance for your company or the head of a company that wanted you to join him.

Do you remember them now? Honestly, you don’t.

You’ve got to stop jotting their E-mail address in your diary or shove rolodex of business cards in your desk drawer. Rather, you keep them all in one place by adding them to your LinkedIn profile and never lose them.

Now that you know the importance of updating your LinkedIn, just go ahead and update your profile if you haven’t already and get the most out of it.


– By Amrita Chawla, Content Penguin

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