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Ever heard of the concept of ‘Six degrees of separation.’ In a nut shell it refers to a study which proves that every person on this planet is separated from another by only six people. A similar research shared by a widely used social networking site, having 1.59 billion users, stated that the average number of people it would take to connect to anyone on their list was merely 3.57 people. So, technically the internet has slashed down this degree of separation by half, making it easier for people to connect and communicate.

Look at the way technology is evolving, giving us massive opportunities to spread our footprint all over the globe. And all this done while we sit in our offices or homes keying away information on our laptops. Communication is the key. For a small business it is integral to communicate the essentials of your business to potential customers. One such medium is your official company website which works as your identity 24by7. A well setup & maintained website can replace your top sales executive in a fraction of the cost.

Let us take a look at basic pointers to assist new businesses in setting up a website :

  • What’s the point : Determine the core reason for your web-site. Is it to increase sales, generate leads, reduce overhead costs or simply for brand awareness. Once defined, all of the content must revolve around this objective.


  • The why? : Ensure your message is clearly delivered in a crisp and clear manner. A one line description on your home page should convey: why your client needs you or why should they choose you. (E.g. Reasonable and Reliable)


  • Call to Action : An effective Call-to-Action instructs a visitor to take the next step and respond right away. Avoid open-ended questions, spark their curiosity and encourage them to move forward. (E.g. Discover the exciting world out there. Subscribe now)


  • Never Stall : Avoid flashy and heavy to load content or images. If it takes a visitor more than few seconds to decide what to do next then it is time to rethink your content and layout.


  • SEO is vital : The right use of SEO can ensure your marketing is half done thereby paving the way to attract the right traffic to your site.


  • Apt for all : Often people tend to use their phones as a first choice of research on the web. Ensure your web-site is up-to-date and adaptable to the latest available technology.


  • Pick the right Host : What would be the use of a website that is inaccessible or runs at snail speed. Enhance your users experience by picking the best hosting company that ensures maximum up-time, good support and is reliable.

Get started today, follow these few steps and build your company’s identity online. Be a part of this fascinating medium to interact with the world.

Come! Connect and Communicate.

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