Content marketing mistakes to avoid!

Today’s digital age has created a new world. Content marketing has emerged as one of the smartest ways to promote your business. However, not everyone gets it right, and unfortunately, far too many businesses get it wrong.

Overall, just 44% of marketers have been “somewhat successful” at achieving their performance marketing goals.

So what exactly is the right approach to drive more sales and maximize the ROI of your content marketing efforts? Before we dive into the ultimate mantra, you might want to go grab a pen and maybe a piece of paper to take notes! 


Here are the most common content marketing mistakes that cost businesses almost a fortune, every single year.


Mistake no:1

Action without a master plan

Good content marketing is said to be the union of Effective strategy & Smart execution. Without considering both of these factors, your content is most likely to fall apart, resulting in very little or almost no audience interaction. This in turn is going to result in zero returns.

Your master plan, in this case, must be an effective strategy. Once you identify your target audience you can then start tailoring your communication to strike a chord with them and let them know about how you can meet their needs

You can then break down your strategy into smaller goals and execute them in a series of actions that bring you closer to achieving your business objectives. Here are some pointers to help you navigate your strategy in a post-covid era.


Mistake no:2

You fail to decode your target audience

Brands often fail to understand what their audience really wants which is why their content often does not sound relevant to the audience they want to reach. This was even proven by a survey conducted by IBM, where the studies showed that 63% of customers do not feel understood by their favorite brands. This happens when there exists a huge gap between the perception point of view of the business about their customers and what their customers actually want or expect from them.

What happens next? Well, clearly all the marketing efforts then go down the drain!.

In most cases, brands usually think that they know their audience really well and are connecting with them, but the truth is that they’re not.

In order to create content that your audience really wants, you need to deep dive into your audience’s mind and craft content accordingly. While keeping in mind that the primary objective of your content is to attract the right audience, so make sure your content is all about them.


Mistake :3

SEO and only SEO 

With the rise of the whole search engine era, brands often think that focusing solely on search engines and posting content twice a week would give them quite the following that would make their brand stand out. The truth is that, with everyone literally doing the same thing,  fighting for search engine ranking is a pretty competitive battle with a very slim chance of victory. You cannot possibly rely solely on SEO to increase your reach, considering the number of blogs published on the internet per day, which is over 10 million!

So, in other words, publishing on a regular basis has zero effect on your rankings, because today, everyone’s doing that! Think of something different that will make your brand stand out from the rest of your competition.


Mistake no: 4

Doing more than you can (In other words- trying to do too much!)

Creating profiles on all the possible social media platforms! Generating an overflow of content on  LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or even via  Vlogs, Podcasts, and Webinars isn’t essentially going to bring you the sales you expect it to.

People often make the mistake of spending too much,  trying to cover all the possible channels and media platforms out there. You end up stretching yourself way too thin.

Do what you can, and how much you can, as this will ensure quality over quantity which is pretty much the key when it comes to content marketing. Check out our article on how effective brands achieve their goal here.


Content marketing is nothing but a process that enables you to simply learn and evolve along with your customers over time. Something what works for other brands, may not necessarily work for you or vice versa. It’s more about finding the right pitch and tone that helps you build a rapport with your customers.


- By Dhea @ContentPenguin
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