From Visual meetings to online campaigns- How to work from home effectively

Given the situation of the Covid-19, almost every organization has deployed ‘Work from home’ for all employees. While some may be used to the idea of working from home, most of us find it challenging and get lost in the process.

Here are a few tips to work to become an expert at working from home effectively:

Set and follow a schedule

One of the first and most essential steps to work from home effectively is to set and follow a consistent time-table. Following a schedule helps you effectively manage time especially to meet your deadlines punctually when you’re working from home.

Few factors to consider when you’re setting your work-schedule:

  • When does your organization need your services?
  • Convenient time to communicate with your coworkers and customers
  • Your most productive time of the day
  • Your To-Do List and ‘In-between’ tasks

Keep apart your work and private time

Compartmentalizing work time and personal time is a crucial aspect of effectively working from home. It ensures maximum productivity while you’re working, and lets you enjoy your private time stress-free when you aren’t. It can be put to practice successfully by setting a schedule for your work hours, planning and communicating those set schedules to your coworkers, customers, clients and moreover to those at home.

Create a workspace that enhances efficiency 

Creating a space that works well for you is crucial to keep you on track to work from home. A touch of ‘office’ enables you to stay focussed on being productive, be more alert and organized. It’s easy to lose focus when working from home especially if you’re working on multiple projects at a time. Organizing your work, following a To-do list and time-tables with specific deadlines can help you to stay on track while improving your efficiency.

Stay Connected 

One of the fun aspects of working in an office is ‘socialization’. You don’t have to stress about lack of socialization just because you are working from home. You can check in with your coworkers either by email, phone, Skype, etc. It does not take a lot of time to quickly share the things that are most important and vice-versa.

Dress appropriately 

Even though you may or may not interact or communicate over a video conference with another person all day, it’s still important to dress appropriately. As much as sweatpants, pajamas and t-shirts may be comfortable, but you may also feel sleepy, or demotivated. Changing out of those pajamas and nightclothes into slightly more work appropriate outfits help you realize that it’s work time, not relaxation time!

Remember, doing too much at home can be as troublesome as doing too little! So, take routine breaks and know when to stop.

Until things settle down in these uncertain times, stay home, stay safe and Happy working!

– By Rachael Pereira @contentpenguin

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