Personalized video content

The average reader online loses interest after 15 seconds. People spend more time on pages with videos than those without. Simple, well-crafted video content is more appealing to a broader audience and can be easily viewed by them.

Video content is rapidly becoming a dominant tool for audience engagement. A good case in point are videos that are automatically generated by Facebook to commemorate special events. Although they’re just a compilation of tagged pictures, people want to share them because they are personal and meaningful.

According to Google Research, 55% of Consumers Use Videos to make Purchase Decisions. Even people who visit shops prefer to review the products they are about to purchase through online videos before buying them.

Big data marketing has made it easier to create high-value content in videos. Demographic and behavioral data marketing helps you narrow down the kind of content that will strike a chord with your target audience.

Brands can harness the power of integrating CRM with dynamic content to create personalized videos. This will serve as a breakthrough in reaching and engaging with potential customers in these days of media overload.

Sales messages can be personalized to mimic a real conversation addressing the customer’s needs or problems. Dynamic videos could also offer personal customer support during the conversion and retention phase of the customer journey.

Has your brand leveraged the power of personalized video content?


– By Dominic D’cunha

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